Nowhere is Home
Pictures of places I've been & things I've seen.

My photography skills are mediocre.
I just like to do it.

Author: Francesca M.
Current City: Reno, NV
  1. Some pictures of my best friend, Kristin’s, apartment, Kristin (as herself), Mark (as himself), & the roof of the Nevada Art Museum. Reno, NV (obvi).

    So I have finally made my way back up to Reno, but this time, it’s for good.  With everything packed into a 6’ X 10’ storage unit in LA, I will be couch surfing at long-time-best-friend, Kristin’s (all of which these photos involve her being)!


    It’s too late, I’m too stoned and lonely. wah. 

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    Pictures I took in Reno, my best friend, and the couch I’m surfing.
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    Take me back to Reno
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    Some handsome photos of my town… and good friends of mine. Miss your face, K.
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    heyy that’s my apartment heeeeyyyy that’s me !
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